Not-So-Average Joe

Just in time for the holiday season! Now, this isn’t a strictly apologetic type post like we make a habit of doing. This is just a short post about the earthly father of Christ, good ol’ St. Joe.

I think that, for all that Mary deserves the attention, it’s really rather unfair that Joseph get’s third wheel in the Holy Family. For all the tribulations her pregnancy brought her, they also fell on Joseph. It would have been perfectly acceptable, in fact, expected of him to have divorced her, as he was planning to. It was actually within his rights to have her stoned, or made an example of, but Joseph was a good, but reasonably very embarrased man who decided to just deal with the matter quietly. When he heeded the angel’s commandment not to divorce Mary, it was no small thing he did. When he accepted Jesus as his own son, he also took the perceived sin of his conception upon him. After all, children normally don’t just pop up out of wedlock! It is exceedingly admirable that he went to such lengths to protect his young bride and her child.

That’s what Christmas is celebrating. Not pagan frivolities, nor that stupid “spirit of giving” stuff spooned to us as a justification to buy gifts for each other. Not that I, or anyone else on this blog, are against these things, but we shouldn’t let them eclipse the real reason we are celebrating. It is about two people, a teenaged girl and her older fiancee, who had to make difficult decisions for God. Mary could’ve said “No. Don’t do this to me.” Joseph could’ve divorced her. But they, in a foreshadowing of Jesus’ redemptive death on the cross, took a sin they did not commit upon themselves, so that God’s Grace could be delivered to the world.

Merry Christmas

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  1. Payton

    Such a snappy ending! You should be a preacher 🙂

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